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Want to learn the sweet science?

Let's start with building foundations...

Building foundations is a 12-week program aimed at begginers and designed to teach you boxing from the ground up. 

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals, everything from punch technique, Defence, Footwork & Boxing IQ

  • The foundations of strength & conditioning for boxing. ​


Building foundation program consists of:

  • x2 1:2:1 training sessions per week

  • The building foundations program

  • A 12-week training schedule

  • Full access to my online training app and exercise database.

Training camps

Want to develop your skills, or Are you preparing for a competition?

My Training camps are for people of all levels who are looking to develop their boxing skills & improve their conditioning. 

Training camps are focused on preparing you both physically and mentally for the stress involved in a competition, Ensuring you're fully prepared to dominate. 

Training camp durations range from...

4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks 

All with 3 options of 1-3 sessions a week.

Camps are broken down into two phases ​

  1. Skill & Fitness Development​

  2. Conditioning and competition prep

All training is catered to each individuals goals, wether it be recreational or competitive, The aim is always the same. Learn & develop new skills, enhance your conditioning, and boost your performance.

Training camps consist of..

  • x1-3 1:2:1 sessions per week depending on choosen camp

  • Acess to group/sparring sessions

  • The training camp program

  • Nutritional goal setting/weight management

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