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Want to learn the sweet science?

New to boxing? 

Let's start with building foundations...

My Building foundations program is aimed at those new to boxing and who have an interest in learning the technical aspect of boxing. 

Building foundations consists of:

  • x2 1:2:1 training sessions per week

  • The building foundations program

  • A 12-week training schedule

  • Full access to my online training app and exercise database.

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals, everything from punch technique, Defence, Footwork & Boxing IQ

  • The foundations of strength & conditioning for boxing. ​


Training camps

Want to develop your skills, or Are you preparing for a competition?

My Training camps are for people of all levels who are looking to develop their boxing skills & improve their conditioning. 

Training camps are focused on preparing you both physically and mentally for the stress involved in a competition, Ensuring you're fully prepared to dominate. 

Training camp durations range from...

  • 4 weeks

  • 8 weeks

  • 12 weeks 

All with 3 options of 1-3 sessions a week.

Camps are broken down into two phases.

  1. Skill & Fitness Development​

  2. Conditioning and competition prep

All training is catered to each individual's goals, whether it is recreational or competitive, The aim is always the same. Learn & develop new skills, enhance your conditioning, and boost your performance.

Training camps consist of:

  • x1-3 1:2:1 sessions per week 

  • Access to group/sparring sessions

  • The training camp program

  • Nutritional goal setting/weight management


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