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Dan Lynch

Hi, I'm Dan, I've been working as a coach within the fitness industry for over 15 years. Over these years I've studied multiple aspects of health & fitness with a focus on, strength & conditioning, nutrition & mental performance. Ultimately, my passion lies in helping others accomplish their goals, unlock their potential and build a strong mindset.

For almost 20 years, I have been in and around the sport of boxing. I began Competing as an amateur myself for my local clubs. My goal was to learn as much as possible to become a good coach and use my knowledge and experience to coach others in their pursuits.

My job as a coach is to help you build a road map that gets you from A-B, B being your result. Different goals require different approaches. No one size fits all approach here.

I like to focus on each individual because no two people are the same.
Training should always be adaptable to the individual's needs and abilities as we all have different starting points to exercise.

My advice is to Start simple, Training doesn't have to be complicated and Goal setting is a must. Without targets to reach you're more likely to lose motivation.

The key is consistency! Motivation only gets you going, consistency will keep you going. It's important to keep in mind Results don't happen overnight, Follow a plan, be accountable, and above all, Enjoy it!

Certified personal trainer
Certified conditioning coach
Leve 4 S&C  Coach
Nutrition & weight management Coaching 



The Fast Track to Fit


Training solely focused on you.

No matter your starting point 1:2:1 training is the most direct way of reaching your goals. Whether its losing weight, building muscle or improving performance, 1:2:1 training will provide you with the tools and direction to reach your destination.

Can't make it live sessions?

Perhaps online training is for you. My online training plans are delivered & straight to the phone via an app, providing you with all the tools for success.

so you know exactly what to do and full in-app support along with weekly trainer check-ins.

discover the sweet science?

My Boxing development sessions & programs are for those wanting to improve & develop their boxing skills & conditioning. My level of training covers everything from complete beginners to those preparing for a contest.


Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.

Victory Parade, Plumstead Rd, Woolwich, London SE18 6FL, UK


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Victory Parade, Plumstead Rd, Woolwich, London SE18 6FL, UK

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